Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day Fun

Well we made it thur it. The whole Labor Day fun!!! It all started for us on the Friday before Labor Day. Mckenzie was clogging at the tent down at the Iron County Fair building. She did great. Then on Saturday we took the kids to the Fair. We left at about 12:30 and did the rides. Kennadi went on one ride and then fell asleep for most of the day. But she had fun on that one ride that she went on. While I took Kennadi on a ride Travis and Mckenzie were going to go on the Zipper. So I left them there and the boys whent on another ride( cant remember which one). So when Kennadi got done I kept trying to look for Travis and Mckenzie on there ride and I couldnt find them. So by then Kayson and Austin had found me and we were walking around and low and behold there was Travis and Mckenzie on some spinnie ride and holy crap if I would have remembered my camera I would have had the best picture EVER!! Travis was pale white and looked like he was going to throw up and Mckenzie was all smiles. It was so dang funny. Needless to say that was his last ride for the rest of the day and probably the rest of his life. After all that fun Kenzie, Kayson and Austin talked me into going on the Scrambler. It was fun then Kayson really wanted to go on the zipper so I did that with him then turned right around and whent on it with Mckenzie. I am extreamly surprised that I did not get sick. We also saw Jason and Kris Slack there with there kids. We havent seen them for awhile and there kids are getting so big. It was good to see them again. After riding the rides we when down to the food court and had some lunch under the tent and then walked around in the fair building to see all of the stuff that the people in the fair. Mckenzie had some frineds that had entered into a contest that was called "Fair Factor" just like "Fear Factor" it was pretty funny and they took second place. It was pretty cool. Then after that we went home and it was about 5:30. I couldn't believe that we spent all day there. But it was nice to have a day as a family together. You just dont get many of them as the kids start to get involved with sports and friends.

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