Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Mckenzie, Kayson and Austin had fun making fun shapes with the sparklers. It was fun taking pictures of them. They mostley turned out pretty good.

Mckenzie,Kennadi and Travis

This picture is kind of fuzzy. Mckenzie and Kennadi are playing with the sparklers and having a fun time.

Travis and Kennadi

Kennadi wasn't quite sure about the sparklers at first. But her dad can talk her in to anything. In the end as usual she loved it. We weren't quite sure that we were up to letting her hold in on her own just yet but she was happy holding it with daddy.

Kayson and Austin

This year for the 4th of July we were at Lake Powell. So the kids really wanted to do Sparklers so last night we did them in our back yard. These pictures turned out so cute in the dark...

Well I would like to introduce you to our one and only Rooster! He is noisey and will wake you up at 3:30 in the morning with his loud voice. At first I thought "oh how cute is that rooster" Well not anymore. I have decided that sleep is much better and you all know that you dont wake me up or it may end badley. So Travis, Kayson and Austin decided that this last saturday would be that last "Chach a dodle do" that that little rooster would do. So on saturday morning they went out in our backyard and killed the rooster. It was the most disturbing thing that I have seen!! I really did try to up load the video that I took with my camera but I couldn't get it to work. So any of you who know more than me about blogging need to show me how to up load a stinken video on the blog. Anyway... As you may have guessed the rooster is no longer in our family. But boy did he taste good.......

Kayson and Austin

Kayson and Austin with the NOISEY rooster. If that poor rooster only knew what was going to happen NEXT!

Having the Rooster over for DINNER!

Boy was this Rooster Tasty!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome to Sint Maarten!
Well Travis and I decided that this year we were going on a vacation without our children. And of course Travis had not problem with leaving the behind but me on the other hand it did take some convincing but I did it. Even though I missed them terriably it was good to get away for a little while and remember what it is to just enjoy the time with my husband alone for a change without any kids.
Well we left for St. Maarten on July 10th and returned home on July 17th 2009. We went with some frinds of ours Joe and Melinda Atkin and there 8 month old baby Sienna.
We had a lot of fun exploring the island. And just for your information we drove around the intire island in one day. It is not very big. Half of the island is owned by the French and the other half is owned by the Dutch. We stayed on the French side but drove all over the island. The beaches were amazing and so pretty it is hard to describe. I think that my favorite time was just walking down on the beach in the dark and listening to the sound of the waves crashing in the ocean. Travis and Joe did some snorkeling and they went on a fishing trip that they did not enjoy very much, mainley because they didn't catch a dang thing.(Guess I should have gone with them to show how it was done.) We found a few little places that were tucked away and ate some great food. Man do they have some good Chinnese Food. We also ate at this little place called The Jerk Grill and Bar. Holly cow was it hot. Travis said that it was so spicy for him that his lips were numb. Pretty funny. It was some really good food though. We just mainly took it easy. Getting up when we wanted to and going to bed when we wanted to. Its nice not to have anything planned and just taking it easy and slow. Melinda and I did alot of shopping. Well as much shopping as we could talk the guys into,but hey they were pretty good sports every where that we dragged them. Every place that we went the people were so nice. I wouldn't mind coming back to St Maarten some time and hey we may even just bring the kids, well see. Well even though it is good to finally be home and getting things back to normal it is sad that it is all over. On St Maartin everyone talks about how cool there beaches are and come to find out that almost all of the beaches on the island are clothing optional! One thing that I do not understand is that all of the people that we saw that did the clothing option theme was the people that should be wearing the clothes! It was pretty funny. Good thing we dont get to see that very often. Well anyway we had an awsome time and hopefully we get to go back some day.

Picture from the airplane

This is a cool picture. It is out of the airplane while we are looking down on St. Maarten. That is the island below and the clouds above it.

The airport was right by where we were staying. It was cool because you could see the big airplanes coming in. It would look like it was going to run right into you then it turns and goes into the airport.

Slug Bug

The kids love slug bugs so that is why we took this picture.

Old Fort

We saw this old fort up high on a hill. Not sure if it was destroyed by the hurrican or if it was really just that old. It was just cool so I took a picture of it.

Joe and Travis in the ocean

The island in the back ground that you see you could actuall walk all of the way to it and only would be up to about your knees. It was crazy.

Ocean and snorkling

This is such an awsome beach that we went to. I can not remember what they called it but you could actually walk across the water and go out to the little island and play on the sand and pick up hundreds and hundreds of sea shells. Travis and Joe did some snorkling as well. We came back to this place 2 or 3 times.

The swimming pool

This is the view front the balcony at the appartment. It was so beautiful. We just did not want to go home.

Malinda and Sienna Atkin and Rochell

Malinda, Sienna and me on the beach at St. Maarten. This is the beach just off of the appartment that we stayed in. You can see that down below is the ocean. The water was really warm! Not what I had expected at all.


On the beach at St. Maarten

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kayson and Mr.Fish

Kayson caught this stripper. You can't tell that he is proud of himself.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Just for you information I had over 300 picture that we took so when I get some more time I will post some more photos for you.

Well we all went to Lake Powell for vacation at the end of June and the first weed of July. We actually got to stay down there for the fireworks.
We all had a blast with swimming, fishing,tubing and skiing among alot of other things. I think that the highlight for most of us was hiking in the slot canyons. This was a first for all of us at Lake Powell and I think that it will now be a continued tradition for our family. We stayed at lake powell for a wapping 10 days. I think that it was the longest lake powell trip that we have done so far. The kids all had a really good time and they just love to see there cousins and hang out.


These are the 4 fish that Travis and I caught. And I dont think that I need to remind anyone who caught the most fish.


I haven't been fishing for awhile. On this fishing trip I caught the first two fish then I was glad that Travis finally caught on(I would hate to show him up or somethin) then I caught the last one so if you lost count I caught 3 and Travis caught 1.

This is the Stripper that Travis caught.

Kayson,Jacy, Justin and Travis

This is in the second canyon that we hiked up. It was my favorite. Mainley because we did not have to go thru any water to get there. We all had a great time

This picture is to show you just how narrow the canyon was that we went in. If you look really close you can see that all of us that went on that hike are at the end. Bryan took this picture so we have Travis and me and Kenzie,Kayson,Gatlen, Jeremy,Jacy,Sydney,Justin all at the end of the canyon. It was pretty crazy.

Bryan,Travis,Tammy,Kayson,Sydney and Justin

This was the first slot canyon that we hiked thru. As you can see we had to go thru some water. You just can not even imagin the beautiful canyons and how high the rock really are untill you are at the bottom looking up.


As you can see this did not end well. I ended up pretty wet


Travis and I had a water fight with the kids


A picture is worth a thousand words.


Holy crap can you belive that Kayson climbed all the way to the top of this rock. When I realized that was my kid at the top I yelled for him to get down and he just laughed at me.


Just another cute picture of Kennadi enjoying the water at Lake Powell

Travis and Kennadi

At first when I took Kennadi in the water all she did was cry. Untill her dad took her out. Now look at her. We couldnt keep her out of the water.

Tubing Fun

Shelbee, Kenzie and Sydney on the tub. I think that Travis may have been trying to scare them a little. But these three girls are fearless.


Mckenzie did get up waterskiing this year. She was way excited. She also wake boarded also this year. She just had a blast


Kayson did try to waterski for the first time this year at Lake Powell. If he wouldn't have been so stubborn he might have just got up. Maybe next year!