Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some cute pictures of Kennadi

Oh what a little ANGEL!! NOT. Travis and I went to a meeting sunday afternoon and this is what we came home to! Apperntley she out smarted Kenzie, Kayson and Austin who were suppose to be watching her. When I saw what she had done she just smiled. Now how can you get mad at a face like that?
Kennadi eating spagetti. I just had to take this picture. For one she is super cute. Number 2 she thinks that she is as big girl because she is sitting up on the bar stool with the big kids!

On friday I had the day off. So Kennadi and I went out to the garden while all of the other kids where at school to pick what we had left of the corn. She had a fun old time playing in the corn. Then she helped me carry all of the corn back into the house. She is such a little helper. In more ways then you know!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Botteling Peaches!!!!

Well as you can see I have a new hobbie!! Holy crap who knew that canning could be fun. Well as you can see last saturday Travis and I started to bottle peaches. We got alot of them from our neighbor's down the street from us the Hunsakers. Then Aunt Nancy had a neighbor that wasn't going to pick there peaches so we went and picked alot of there peaches as well. I couldn't believe just how long it took us to do the peaches. We started right after we got home from Austin's soccer game which was about 12:30 or so. Then Travis mom and dad came over about 2:00 or 3:00 and helped. When we finally got done we had 105 quart bottles of peaches!! Holy crap that is alot. We also did about a case and a half of peach jam. If you have ever been over to my house my kitchen table was filled, the counter by the sink was full and so was the island. These pictures show most of the peaches that we bottled that day. It was crazy. My mother in law Val took some home to cook on her stove because she can do 4 pots at one time on her's. So we were cooking at both houses to get them done quicker. It still took us untill about 11:30 saturday night untill we finished. I think what was fun is to see my kids helping out. Expecially Kayson. Austin tried it for a little while and so did Kenzie. At least they tried it for awhile thats all I can ask for.

Well not to mention that the week before this we had done 60 bottles of peaches that my mother in law Val had. We also did about 40 or so quart bottles of tomatoes for my Brother in law Justin and his wife Lisa. You can say that we have been a bit busy at our house.

Some other things that I tried to bottle this year was carrots and beans that we got from our garden. Grandma Willie gave me her recipie for her Dilly Beans. So I tried to do them and they of course do not look as good as her's but hey at least I tried. I have yet to try them to see if they are any good.

I am wanting to still try to do pears if I can find anyone out there that has some and I also want to try and do some applesause.

Well if I do anything else exciting I will let you know, but this for now is all the excitement in our house.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day Fun

Well we made it thur it. The whole Labor Day fun!!! It all started for us on the Friday before Labor Day. Mckenzie was clogging at the tent down at the Iron County Fair building. She did great. Then on Saturday we took the kids to the Fair. We left at about 12:30 and did the rides. Kennadi went on one ride and then fell asleep for most of the day. But she had fun on that one ride that she went on. While I took Kennadi on a ride Travis and Mckenzie were going to go on the Zipper. So I left them there and the boys whent on another ride( cant remember which one). So when Kennadi got done I kept trying to look for Travis and Mckenzie on there ride and I couldnt find them. So by then Kayson and Austin had found me and we were walking around and low and behold there was Travis and Mckenzie on some spinnie ride and holy crap if I would have remembered my camera I would have had the best picture EVER!! Travis was pale white and looked like he was going to throw up and Mckenzie was all smiles. It was so dang funny. Needless to say that was his last ride for the rest of the day and probably the rest of his life. After all that fun Kenzie, Kayson and Austin talked me into going on the Scrambler. It was fun then Kayson really wanted to go on the zipper so I did that with him then turned right around and whent on it with Mckenzie. I am extreamly surprised that I did not get sick. We also saw Jason and Kris Slack there with there kids. We havent seen them for awhile and there kids are getting so big. It was good to see them again. After riding the rides we when down to the food court and had some lunch under the tent and then walked around in the fair building to see all of the stuff that the people in the fair. Mckenzie had some frineds that had entered into a contest that was called "Fair Factor" just like "Fear Factor" it was pretty funny and they took second place. It was pretty cool. Then after that we went home and it was about 5:30. I couldn't believe that we spent all day there. But it was nice to have a day as a family together. You just dont get many of them as the kids start to get involved with sports and friends.


Kayson waiting for the food to get done

Kennadi roaming Aunt Cheryl's house. Just trying to find something to get into.

Mckenzie and Aunt Deb's grand-daughter Julia

Aunt Deb and my handsome most single dad!!!

Brett, Dad, Grandma Sillitoe and Uncle Steve cooking

Mckenzie danced in the parade. She did an awsome job.
Travis always smiling for the camera. Now I know where Kennadi gets it.

Mckenzie,Kennadi,Kayson and Austin watching the parade and trying to get some more candy.


Mom and Kennadi catching the candy from the parade
Kennadi catching her first piece of candy at the parade on main street in Parowan

All Smiles :)

Austin,Kennadi and Kayson watching the parade

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Few Random Pictures

Kennadi is extra excited because she finally cried long enough that mom gave in and gave her the pepsi.
Kennadi at the soccer game. She is a wild child and at every game she tries to run on the field. She can wait untill she can play.
At Kayson's last soccer game all it did was rain and in the background was this pretty rainbow. So I took a picture of it with Austin and Kennadi

Soccer AGAIN

Austin being the Goalie, Which he is really good at!!


Kayson. His favorite part of soccer is at the end of the game when you get treats! It rained most of his game so I guess that they deserved the treats this time.