Sunday, November 29, 2009

St.George Temple November 28,2009

On November 28,2009 Our family got to go to them Temple. It was an amazing experience not only for Travis and I but for our 4 children. What a blessing it was to go as a family and to be sealed as a FAMILY forever. The feeling and the experience I will soon not forget. Thanks to all of the many family and friends that got to be there to share in this wonderful day for us. Words can not express my love for them. But how gratefull that Travis and I are for the wonderful family and friends that we have.
Just for my records I want to list the family and friends that were able to attend just so that with the short memory that I have that I will have this as a record.
Dewey and Valorie Topham-Dewey was the witness at the sealing also. Grandma Willie Topham. Nancy Topahm. Richard and Camie Topham. Bruce and Trish Topham. Justin and Lisa Topham. Bryan and Tammy Beck. Grandma Donna Sillitoe. Dave and Linda Merrill. Steven and Cheryl Sillitoe. Jason and Kris Slack. Hal and Joyce Slack.-Hal was also a witness at the sealing. Beau and Jamie Shaner. Mike and LeeAnn Adams. Melana Hunsaker. Bishop Ruesh and Janice Ruesh. Parowan Stake President Vincent. Natalie Rowley. Matt and Stacey Gale( They were also our escorts)
After we came out of the temple my dad and brother were there to meet us and that ment the world to me to have them there with us as well.
Afterwords we had a dinner at our house where everyone came and ate. Those who came to the temple with us and also many family and friends that were not able to be at the temple came over as well and shared in the experience with us.
I have many more pictures that I want to post but my lovely little daughter did something to the memory card that I need to fix and then I will upload more pictures for you to see. Also thanks to Tammy and Bryan for taking many, many pictures at the Temple. That was kind of the last thing that I was thinking about at that time.

Visiting and enjoying family
Travis after he ate too much

Kennadi being her wild self
What a picture and all of these cars came to grandma's house for thanksgiving and there is actually one missing from this picture that came after we took the picture

some of them ate outside because it was so crowded inside

Everyone getting and eating dinner. I love to have lots of family. The more the merrier

Some of the kids thought that it would be fun to eat out on the trampoline. From what I can tell it is Sydney ,Kenzie,Shelbee,Kelsie and Teniah

Thanksgiving 2009

Bryan was trying out his new camera. Dont I just look lovely. Well at least Kennadi looks cute.

Deanna with Payton and Lisa with Rylee and me with Kennadi

Lots of people at Grandma Willie's house. We all had a blast !

Thanksgiving at Grandma Willies

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Well it looks like we are going to have a full house for Thanksgiving this year. It is our year to spend Thanksgiving in Parowan with Travis family and there will be about 40 people or so there. I know what you are thinking, where could we possible fit that many people in grandma Willies house? But we seem to manage and it is always fun. I just wanted to express my thanks for my family and for my awsome husband who puts up with me. And for everything that they do for me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Well I have been reminded day after day that I haven't updated my blog all month. So here is a quick update with what has been going on with the family. Well on November 28,2009 Travis and I are going thru the St. George Temple. We are extreamly excited to have our family sealed together. For many of you this has been a long time coming and I agree. We are just so blessed with our little family that we have and just can not wait for this day to come.