Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family Picture

I finally got my entire family together for a picture.. It is about dang time. I think that the last time that we got a picture taken was when I was either 12 or 13 or some where around that. It has all of my brothers and sisters and there kids. The only person who is missing is Brandon's little girl McKayla.
This was taken on Christmas Day at Grandma Sillitoes house 2009.
Kennadi took this little present from Kayson and took off with it down the hall. So when he started chasing her she ran to her dad thinking that he would save her(and he did as always) it was pretty dang funny

My little Utah Jazz fan.........


One morining we woke up and looked out the kitchen window and all of these turkeys were in our neighbors across the street from us. It was crazy, They must have liked what was in the tree or something. They stayed there for about a half hour or so untill the other neighbors dogs chased them away.