Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today as I was preparing for my sharing time lesson I came across this video. I just started crying. At this moment I just knew that at this point in my life I am extremely happy with my life. I love my calling in the Primary and the joy that it has brought to my life and to the life of my family. This song was the theme for the year in the Primary. I just love the innocence of children and how they are like little sponges trying to take it all in. I just thought that I would share this video with you and hope that it brings the piece and comfort that it has brought to me today.

I Know That My Savior Loves Me

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Fun

Well we had a great Halloween here in Parowan. First we had our ward Trunk r Treat which turned out to be a blast! It was alot of work putting it together but it was so worth it and it turned out just great. I am so blessed to be with some amazing ladies in the Primary.

Well I couldn't find my camera so I have no pictures with the kids in there costumes, but just to assure you I did find it the next day in a bag of the boy's dirty clothes from grandma's house. Have no idea on how it got there. But that has just been my luck lately. Ha Ha.
So you will have to imagine these awesome costumes. Mckenzie was a devil (and a cute one at that), Kayson was something scary. He really didn't know what he wanted to be so he put on an old costume from the year or two before and then we painted his face scary( I told him that he was a scary clown but he didn't like that), Austin was a vampire, Kennadi was a NICE witch. It was really funny because she doesn't like to be scared so every time someone would say "oh what a scary witch" she would say "I am NOT scary, I am a NICE witch. So stinkin cute. And then there was me and I dresses up like Curella De Ville. I just love Halloween. I think that it is my favorite holiday. Then Travis just dressed as himself.(original I know!)
After the ward Trunk r Treat the boys wanted MORE CANDY, like they needed it so we took them around with Travis' brother Justin and his wife Lisa and there 2 girls Lilly and Rylee. Lilly and Kennadi had a blast together. Running up to the houses and asking for candy. They had the time of there life. Mckenzie as always is just was to cool to hang out with her parents so she went with some friends for the rest of the night.
All in all we had a fabulous night. Just wish I had some pictures, but I guess there is always next year.