Sunday, June 21, 2009

2009 Miles Family Reunion @ Cherry Hill

Well as we do every year in June we go to the Miles Family Reunion. This year it was at Cherry Hill again. We all seem to love to go back and camp. The water park has always been fun along with the minuture golfing and the batting cages and the rock wall climb and Hampster haven. This year it was a little bit different. You are only going to see pictures that I took from the very first day that we were there which was on Friday afternoon. The reason is that on saturday and sunday all it did was rain and rain and rain. Holy crap I have not seen it rain that much in a long time and no time better when we are camping. Friday is when we went miniture golfing and the kids and everyone had a blast and on saturday night we took them along with there cousions to climb on the rock wall and play at Hampster Haven which is just like the play ground at McDonalds. I took Kayson and Austin along with Justin and Lisa and Lilly and Sydney and Jacy and we did attempt to go to the water park and swim. We only lasted maybe an hour and a half or so and we were so cold and wet because it was raining so hard. We did the lazy river a couple of times and then went on the tube ride then called it quites and went back to camp. Travis had this great idea that he would stay and have a nap with Kennadi and then bring her down later and I am glad that he didn't bring her because at first it wasn't raining and then when it started it just didn't stop and she would have been miserable out there in the rain. So either I had the kids in the car driving around trying to keep warm or in the tent in the sleeping bag trying to keep warm. Over all it could have been worse and the kids seemed to have a really good time visiting with there cousions that they don't get to see everyday.

Travis and I also celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary today. June 21st. Some days it seems alot longer than that. But hey we have 4 great kids to show for the many years of love and happness that we have had and look forward to spending many more years together.

Dad and Austin

Looks like Travis is trying to find out who won the game in our group. Unfortently it was him. I guess if the score keeper can't win then why do they keep score. I think that I was only a few behind him.

Justin and Lisa with Grandma Val and Colb and Austin

Just so you know that Colb got a hole in one and on that same whole it took Just 6 putts to get in into the hole. Way to go Colb!!

Grandpa Dewey with Kayson and Galtlen

My little Kayson

At the end of golfing as you can see Kayson was extreamly upset that the clock at the golf ball. He thought that he could keep the golf ball as a souvioner or something? WRONG!

Jacy,Kenzie and Sydney

The three girls were having a good ol time, as you can see.

Gatlen and Kayson

The boys had a blast at Miniture Golfing

Kennadi and Mommy

Haven't you heard that this is the new way to Mini Golf?

Kenzie and Sydney

Mckenzie and Sydney thought that it would be fun to eat dinner on top of the Uhaul. When I saw them doing this I just had to get a picture of them. Later on all of the other kids had to join them as well.

Kennadi and Lilly

Kennadi is hanging out with her cousion Lilly. Right at this moment they are being good friends.

When we went to the little store there at Cherry Hill I thought that it would be fun to let the kids get pixie sticks. Wrong. As you can plainley see Austins was mostley blue!
Kennadi with her pixie stick. And as you can see she is all smiles.