Saturday, October 31, 2009

TrIcK or TrEaT

The Kids had a blast trick or treating. I just love Halloween Kayson. Not quite sure what he is. maybe a warlock

Austin being a scary clown
Mcknezie was a dead soccer player

Kennadi was the cutest witch that I have ever seen

All the kids in there costumes. Kenzie,Kayson,Austin and Kennadi

Travis and I usually get stuck carving all of the kids pumpkins.
Kennadi being cute and eating as much chocolate that she can get in her mouth at one time.

Everyone carving there pumpkins

the finish product. And yes that is packman eating the little pumpkin. Go uncle steve on most creative pumpkin award... Given by me

Chris decided that he was "Too Big" to carve pumpkins this year. Aunt Cheryl looks like she might need some help with that knife.

Kayson,Mckenzie,Travis and Uncle Steve

Kennadi and Kayson getting ready to carve there pumpkins
carving away

Mckenzie and Austin

Uncle Steve carving grandma Sillitoes pumpkin AGAIN.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Kennadi has been carrying these two bears around for the last 2 days. She keeps on calling them COW'S(like the moo moo cows in the field) She is so funny. Then I figured out why she was calling them cows and it was because the one bear was black and white. So funny.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Swine Flu

So just an update... As many of you have already heard Yes we have the swine flu at our house. Decided that the week before when Kayson and Austin were home sick that they probably had it first. They were only sick for a few days. It didn't hit them as hard. But Kennadi and I on the other hand have had it for almost a week now. Kennadi started with it last sunday with the fever then I got really sick on wednesday so Kennadi and I went to the doctor and I tested positive! It sucks. They say it goes for about 7 to 10 days to run its corse. Poor Kennadi has been miserable. Travis is starting to come down with it now, and hopefully he does not get it as bad. Lucky for kenzie she has been just fine. Well I'll keep you posted.