Saturday, October 10, 2009

Swine Flu

So just an update... As many of you have already heard Yes we have the swine flu at our house. Decided that the week before when Kayson and Austin were home sick that they probably had it first. They were only sick for a few days. It didn't hit them as hard. But Kennadi and I on the other hand have had it for almost a week now. Kennadi started with it last sunday with the fever then I got really sick on wednesday so Kennadi and I went to the doctor and I tested positive! It sucks. They say it goes for about 7 to 10 days to run its corse. Poor Kennadi has been miserable. Travis is starting to come down with it now, and hopefully he does not get it as bad. Lucky for kenzie she has been just fine. Well I'll keep you posted.


Sunshine Sadie said...

I sure hope you are all better now. I have heard the swine flu is wicked. I was worried that is what Sadie had last week, but it's not. Yes Dr. Dowse recommended the ENT you mentioned. She saw Dr. Albreicht, the dentist, last Monday and they are just awesome. Sadie was so relaxed, loved the fish, and won the assistants hearts immediately. Now just to find a doc for me. So much to do. I hope you are all feeling better. ((hugs)) Julie

Mrs. Topham said...

Hey Topham Family that I love,
So sorry to hear that you have been down with the flu. I'm glad that you felt good enough to get out to the play. Bruce said that you were there the same night as us. It was pretty hilarious, huh? Le tme know if you are going to have time to bring the kids around for Halloween and I'll make sure I have some treats! Love, Aunt Trish